HB Studios Sports Centre Rates 2022-2023 (All rates include HST)


Non-Prime Time Rates: Mon.-Fri.~8AM- 4PM 

These rates do not apply to Birthday Parties. For current party rates please call 902 543 5348.

Turf Field

Full Field Rentals
- Prime Time: $135.00/hour
- Non-Prime Time: $95.00/hour

Half Field Rentals
- Prime Time: $80.00/hour
- Non-Prime Time: $60.00/hour

Summer Rentals

-June 1st to September 30th

- For bookings during daytime business hours when facility is normally staffed (summer hours)

- Full Field Rentals only: $80.00/hours

School Rates
- Full Field: $75.00/hour
- Half Field: $50.00/hour

Note: These rates apply to school sanctioned programs which are held between 8AM and 5PM on weekdays. These rentals must be billed directly to the school or school board.

Walking/Running Track

Drop In: $2.00 per visit
10 Visit Punch Card :$20.00
Monthly Track Pass: $25.00

- Full track rentals which require closure to the public are only available to schools and not for profit sports clubs or, at the discretion of the co-ordinator.
- Children in strollers are free
- Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Drop In Activities (Golf, RC Flyers, Fly Casting, Shuffleboard etc.)
- $10.00

Meeting Room Rentals
- Hourly: $25.00
- Full Day (8am-5pm): $150.00