HB Studios Sports Centre boasts multiple rental spaces that are great for meetings, parties, social gatherings, sports, and much more.


School bookings & rates are available by request.

For rental requests please feel free to email, call, or complete the Rental Request Form

Rentable Facility Spaces:

Indoor Turf Field Rental

200'X100' Artificial Grass Field; a great surface for sports, birthday parties, playgroup, team building and more... Rented by full or half field, hourly depending on time.

Prime Time (Full Field)$ 135 / Hour
Prime Time (Half Field)$ 80 / Hour
Non-Prime Time (Full Field)$ 95 / Hour
Daytime School Rates Available
Contact events@hbssc.ca for info

Multipurpose Rooms

Meeting Spaces; large room & smaller room with kitchenette. Large space has access to WIFI and a projector.

Rented hourly. 

Small Space - Suitable for 15 People
$ 25 / Hour or $150 / day
Large Space - Suitable for 25 people
$ 25 / Hour or $150 / day

Quinn Sensory Centre

The Quinn Sensory Centre; which includes 2 state of the art sensory rooms, an office and small gathering space. Rented by room. Maximum 6 people
per room

Sensory Room 1$15 / Hour
Sensory Room 2$15 / Hour
Office Space$15 / Hour


Track and Fitness Areas:

These fees include access to the upstairs walking track and fitness areas in the corner.

Track Passes

Rubberized track; a great surface walking and running, and blue matted zones for fitness, stretching, and weight lifting. 

Drop-In Fee$ 2 / Drop In
11 Walk Punch Pass$ 20
30 Day Pass$ 25
Various Yearly Passes Available
Contact events@hbssc.ca for info

Special Event Bookings:

These fees include 55 minutes of field play, followed by 45 minutes in a meeting space.

On the field there is a inflatable that in the shape of a ship, hula hoops and various toys in front.

Imagination Playground

Barrels, Balls, Animal Hoppers, crash mat, sleds, blocks & more....

All Ages$135

Bouncy Castle

All the equipment in the Imagination
Playground Option Plus Bouncy Castles

All Ages
$200/Half Field, $250/Full Field

Screen & Equipment

30 foot inflatable screen, projector & dvd player

All Ages
$200/Half Field, $250/Full Field


Footballs, soccer balls, pool noodles,
Dodgeball, Frisbees & more...

All Ages$135

Dance Party

Speaker & lights

All Ages$135

Laser Tag

12 Laser tag markers & sensors 10 Nerf Guns

Ages 8+
$200/Half Field, $250/Full Field

Capture the Flag

12 Glow in the dark team bands, glow orbs
(flags) & jail markers

Ages 8+$135

Yard Games

Dodgeball, Crossnet, Spikeball, Washer Toss, Axe Throwing, Jenga,
Yahtzee & more...

Ages 10+$135

Cancellation policy

HBSSC requires notice of a cancellation of a facility booking.

Block rentals (e.g. bookings for a complete weekend or for a specific time for a number of weeks or months):

  • Cancellations received prior to 30 days of a booking will be cancelled at no charge.
  • Cancellations received after 30 days but within in 2 weeks of a booking will be subject to a 50% cancellation charge.
  • Cancellation received with less than two weeks of the booking will be charged at a regular rate.
  • If HBSSC is able to resell cancelled time then the time/fee rented will be deducted from the cancellation charge.

Hourly rentals (e.g. one individual hour on the field or in the meeting room):

  • Cancellations received prior to 7 days of a booking will be cancelled at no charge.
  • Cancellation received between 24 hours and 7 days of a booking will be charged at a full rate with the option to reschedule for a new date within 30 days of the original booking.
  • Cancellation notices received within less than 24 hour notice will be subject to the full charge and will not receive a refund.

If the facility is closed at the time of your booking for any reason, you can reschedule for a new date within 60 days of the original booking. If no suitable dates are available, you will not be billed or will receive a full refund.

These policies apply regardless of weather conditions and/or ability to arrive at the facility. If the facility is open, your booking is not considered canceled and payment will be required.